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Discover the Solomon Islands

Hundreds of golden treasures ripe for discovery

When the Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendana came across the Solomon Islands in the 16th century, he believed the islands were the location of biblical King Solomon’s gold; the gold he used to build the Temple of Jerusalem. The modest amounts of gold found along Mataniko River were not enough to warrant much excitement, but were indeed a sample of the archipelago’s vast richness.

The Solomon Islands have a rare distinction however; a tropical destination that offers modern day comforts, rare beauty and exotic adventures – though one that has remained off the well-worn tourist trail. In just a few hours from Australia’s eastern seaboard, the untapped potential of the Solomons awaits, with its ancient human stories, wild and wonderful natural world, and intriguing contemporary history.

With 992 islands and atolls, the archipelago boasts natural, cultural and geographical diversity: a perfect combination for eco-tourists and adventurers, but also ideal for relaxation seekers and romantics. The islands also offer ample space from crowds, unexploited experiences, and the opportunity to explore the range and depth of Pacific Island culture. From incredible collections of WW2 memorabilia to mangrove crocodiles, lush emerald forests and vast lagoons, the Solomon Islands offer an unforgettable experience in a rapidly growing tourist industry.

Solomon Islands Trademarks

  • Many hundreds of islands: unhurried untouched uncrowded and unspoiled
  • Over 300 days of sunshine annually
  • A tropical destination tailor-made for eco-tourists
  • Spectacular water world: amazing opportunities to dive, surf, snorkel, kayak and fish
  • Challenging treks to spectacular natural wonders – waterfalls, forests, mangroves, extinct volcanoes
  • Important nesting grounds for turtles and birds, and a playground for eight species of whale
  • 30,000 year old human civilisation
  • Charismatic locals with Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian origins - some a mixture of all three.
  • Unique and distinctive customs, traditions, history and attractions within each island province
  • Rural village life for more than 90% of the island’s inhabitants, more than 80% in non-monetary economy. Rural village life largely untouched for centuries
  • Devout Christianity mixed with traditional practices and observance of ‘kastom’
  • The location of the WW2 Battle of the Coral Sea: numerous relics of Japanese and American war machines
  • Wonderful pieces of stone and wood carving

Solomon Islands Activities:

  • Island hopping to the many gorgeous islands islets and atolls
  • Incredible scuba diving: diverse marine life, sea fans, technicolour and strange fish species, impressive drop-offs and WW2 wrecks
  • Surfing uncrowded and clean reef breaks
  • Snorkelling kayaking and fishing in some of the gorgeous lagoons or in the open ocean
  • Trekking through the emerald green forests to the Mataniko and Tenaru waterfalls just out of Honiara
  • Discovering the natural world of numerous bird species, endangered turtles and migrating whales
  • Cycling adventures and golf courses
  • Travelling back in time with the exploration of WW2 memorabilia, strewn across the jungle, hidden underwater, or within dedicated museums – a Sherman tank, US aircraft, sunken Japanese ships, Japanese field guns
  • Cultural tours and historical museums
  • The vibrant Central Market of Honiara to explore local fruits, vegetables and handicrafts
  • Resort style relaxation in selected areas

Solomon Islands Information:

The Solomon Islands archipelago is so vast geographically, and so diverse culturally. The 992 islands and atolls are divided into nine provinces, which generally reflect each region’s customs and history, though such is the richness of the Solomon Islands that within each province there are vast linguistic and traditional differences. The nine different provinces are outlined below.

  • Location: 2127 km northeast of Brisbane
  • Flight time from Brisbane: Approximately 3 hours 15 mins
  • Flight Frequency: There are 6 flights weekly from Brisbane into Honiara International Airport. Five international airlines fly into Honiara regularly: Solomon Airlines, Virgin Australia, Air Niugini, Air Pacific, and Fiji Airways
  • Number of Islands: 992 islands and atolls, 347 of which are permanently inhabited. The islands are divided into 9 provinces. Read more about the islands here (LINK)
  • Political Status: A constitutional monarchy – the British monarch is head of state, though the Solomon Islands have a locally elected Prime Minister
  • Capital: Honiara
  • Language: English is the official language, though half the population also speak Pijin. Around 70 living languages exist within the Solomons, mostly Melanesian in origin
  • Currency: Solomon Islands Dollar
  • Population: Over 561,000
  • Weather: A warm and tropical climate, with the average daytime temperature of around 25-30°C. The wet seasons are March-May and September-December. The months between April and November are recommended for travellers
  • Original Settlers: It’s estimated that the Solomon Islands were initially settled by people of the Austronesian language group from New Guinea. Excavations reveal human civilisation in the Solomons as far back as 30,000 years ago

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